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Magnetic Metasurfaces for sustainable Information and Communication technologies

Our project introduces a novel and ground-breaking approach targeting the conception, design, development, and implementation of magnetic metasurfaces for controlling lowfrequency magnetic fields at the meso/microscale.


MetaMagIC offers a low cost and highly effective way to address current technological concerns regarding the efficiency and sustainability of magnetic devices in Information and Communication Technologies. Driven by an increasing need to achieve the precise control of magnetic fields on progressively smaller length scales – down to the nanoscale - improving the current performance of magnetic devices by the homogeneous concentration of magnetic fields in small and targeted volumes can drastically enhance the device energy efficiency.


09 January 2024

25th - 26th September 2023 - Meeting in Brno


25 - 26 September 2023

MetamagIC partners meet at CEITEC to discuss about the advances in Magnetic Metamaterials.


06 October 2022

4th - 5th October 2022 - Meeting in Liege


5 October 2022

MetamagIC partners meet at University of Liège for a mini-workshop to discuss about the advances in Magnetic Metamaterials.